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Why Is Office Electrical Compliance Important? Even though it’s not required by law, most insurance companies and mortgage lenders want offices to have electrical compliance. This helps make sure the place is safe. You should ask about when to do an electrical test for your office. Usually, it’s every 5 years, but it can be different. After the test, you’ll get a report or certificate. 
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Office & Commercial Electrical Compliance Certificate

Why Do Offices Need Electrical Compliance? Because of the law about electricity at work, offices eventually need to make sure they follow the rules for safety. This might be called a “periodic inspection” or a “5-year electrical fixed wire test.” The official name for fixed wire testing is an “electrical installation condition report.”

The timing for these tests can be different depending on the type of building. When it comes to office electrical testing, there are different kinds of tests to think about:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report.
  • PAT Testing.
  • Fire Alarm Testing.
  • Emergency Light Testing.
  • Commercial electrical certificate of compliance.

What Do You Need to Do? There are rules about electrical testing in workplaces, but it can get confusing. Some companies don’t follow the rules or don’t know what to do. The best thing to do is talk to someone who knows about this. That’s where Trade Certificates can help.

Even though the rules (BS7671) aren’t a strict law, the electricity at work law is. This law says that all electrical equipment should be safe all the time. This is why safety testing at work is so important. If there’s a problem with your electrical system, it could cause big issues or even be dangerous.

The best way to stay safe is to have regular testing. This means creating a plan for testing that fits your company. The electricians who do the testing can find any problems and make sure your workplace is safe from electrical issues. Insurers now want companies to do safety testing at work because they want to avoid problems caused by ignoring the rules.

Insurers might ask for regular inspection and testing. If there’s an accident that could have been prevented, and you’re found guilty, you could be in trouble. Insurers won’t pay for fines or losses if you break the law.

Compared to the problems and costs that can come from ignoring electrical safety, getting your things tested is simple and usually affordable.

The IEE suggests that electrical installations in commercial places should be tested every 5 years. Depending on how risky they are, portable appliances should be tested every 3 to 24 months. Things like workshop equipment need more frequent checks because they’re used a lot and can develop issues faster.

Don’t worry too much about power interruptions or disruptions during testing. Usually, testing won’t cause long delays. There might be a short power outage on each circuit, but since most of the testing is done while the power is still on, it can be planned around your daily activities.

When you’re picking someone to do your electrical tests, make sure they charge based on the number of circuits, not the size of the space. Also, make sure they give you detailed reports and paperwork so you have good documentation for your records.

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