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Shrewsbury Electrical Energy Costs, Budget, Audit, Management & Savings

Shrewsbury Electrical Costs, Budget Management & Audit

The community is constantly reminded of our responsibilities to reduce green house emissions, to ensure that our environment will be in top shape for generations to come. As such, we are doing their part to promote energy saving alternatives.

There are many electrical energy savings alternatives but one in particular is the use of an energy controller. An energy controller installed saves up to 30% of power used by fluorescent lights with minimal impact on lighting levels. It’s possible to dramatically reduce energy consumption and your power bills. The energy controller system pays for itself in approximately 1-2 years based on average kwh energy costs.

An energy controller can be installed in a bank or line of fluorescent lights with any type of linear fluorescent lamp using magnetic ballast, and any type of starter. One fully loaded energy controller where 60 fluorescent tubes are on for 20 hours a day will save approximately 250 on the annual electricity bills, save 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide with a return on investment of more than 70% and a simple pay back of approximately 17 months.

Energy Budgeting, Management & Savings

If you would like if your location is suitable for an energy controller or for other energy saving ideas please contact us

  • Switchboard Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Survey to identify hot spots
  • Walk through maintenance to check for any potential problems

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