After your initial enquiry we will meet with you to determine the energy needs within your organisation, and learn the processes and activities of your day-to-day business operation to understand the nature of your energy use.

We also discuss and establish the your long-term business goals to ensure the solar energy system will compliment your business and operational strategy for years to come.

Energy Audit & Consulting

We can conduct a feasibility study for your business and demonstrate the benefits you can expect from a commercial solar power system, from an initial energy modelling exercise to outlining all of the financial advantages offered by your Solar PV system. We can also analyse your historical data to determine your energy profile, and then propose the best sized system for your needs.

We are able to install a temporary power logger that provides real power data and enable us to formulate a load profile to calculate your organisation’s base load (and therefore the most appropriate solar system for your needs). It will also identify your peak and large loads. Our thorough consulting process ensures we will design the most efficient and effective system that is suitable for your operational load, building size and position, and one that meets your brief and budget.

We project manage the complete process, and handle all applications for various council, building, rebate, and engineering approvals, leaving you to remain focused on your business.