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Shrewsbury Electricians – Smart Home Technology Installations In Shrewsbury

Smart Home Electrical Designers, Engineers & Installers

These days more and more new homes are incorporating home automation systems or “smart home” technology. With everything from home cinemas to intelligent lighting control systems now available, there are unlimited options for creating your dream home.

If you’re considering creating an intelligent environment in your new home talk to us first

Home automation systems provide comfort, convenience, entertainment, energy conservation and security in your home. They also enable you to control your home environment for the way you like to live. A home automation system can add enormous value to your new home and future proofs it for advances in technology.

But if you don’t get it right from the outset, your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare. There are many pitfalls for the inexperienced, and rectifying problems is a costly and time consuming headache.

And since the backbone of the system – the cabling and infrastructure – is hidden behind the walls, it’s not always possible to fix bad installations. Which means you can end up living in a home environment that will never come up to your initial expectations.

Start on the right foot

Be aware that expert advice is crucial at every step of the process, from initial consultation through to final commissioning and handover of the home automation system. So the best time to talk to us is at the design stage of your new home.

We can guide you through every stage of the home automation process. We start by consulting with you to determine how you would like to live in your new home. Then we design the system and draw up the plans in consultation with your architect, interior designer and builder. We project manage the cabling installation, set up the components and then show you how it all works.

Experience you can rely on

Having an automated environment is a big investment and you need expert advice every step of the way. Hiring a home automation designer and engineer is no different to hiring an architect, interior designer or other design professional. The most important factor is experience.

Trust Technologies has been designing and installing automated environments for clients in the UK since 2007. We have extensive experience working with home owners, architects, builders and interior designers to create intelligent environments to the most exacting requirements and tastes.

Get in touch

If you’re planning to include home automation in your new home or you’re curious about how smart technology can help you create a unique home environment, please call us. We offer all new clients a free one-hour consultation to discuss your requirements and begin the process of making your ideal home a reality.

But remember, the best time to talk to us about installing a home automation system in your new home is at the planning stage. Once the works have begun it’s often too late!

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